El Paso LTC & Firearm’s Training

Thank you for visiting Cedillo’s Firearm Training, Safety and More! If you’re looking for your Texas License to Carry or NRA Firearm’s Training, and located in the El Paso, Texas area, you’ve came to the right place.

My Firearm Training Experience

✓ Certified Instructor by the US Army
✓ Qualified over 1200 Airmen and Soldiers on a quarterly basis during Operation Jump Start with M4 and M9 by US Border Patrol standards.
✓ 7 years as an Air Force Firearms Instructor.
✓ 5 years as a long distance precision rifle fire instructor. (Advanced Designated Marksman Course and Close Precision Engagement Course)
✓ NRA member since 2005
✓ NRA Instructor since 2012
✓ Texas LTC Instructor since 2013

Firearm Training Class Fees

Texas LTC: $60.00
LTC-Military: $50.00
NRA Home Firearm Safety Course: $50.00
NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course: $100.00
NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Course: $100.00

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